The Echo Essential Package

(Website · Content · Social Media Marketing · Email Marketing)

The Echo Essential Package is exactly that — a conveniently packaged solution of essentials that is tailored to get your digital marketing strategy up and running as soon as possible, for the very affordable cost.

With this package you get:

As you read the details of each component below, you will clearly see the benefit and value of our essential package. Give us a call or contact us and we will be happy to get your business on its way!

The “Jump-start” Basic Website w/Content


  • WordPress CMS
  • Responsive Design
  • Turnkey Content
  • Contact Form
  • Email Newsletter System (Sign-up & Distribution)
  • SEO Enhanced

We call it a “jump start” because that is exactly where the initial jolt to your new digital marketing strategy comes from. Your website is the cornerstone of your web presence. We’ve created this turnkey, out of the box solution ready to install on your domain name, ready to go in less than a week from signing.

The website, while “basic” from the surface, is far from it. The website is built atop a WordPress platform, giving you the ability to easily update content and make changes as needed. Visitors to your website are treated with a sleek modernly designed website, that is responsive, meaning it is built to adapt its design to whatever device is viewing it — be it a laptop, a mobile phone, or tablet.

We have taken a very lean approach to the content of the site, to keep only the essential information, and formulated a 4-page solution — Homepage, About, Product/Services, Contact pages — to optimize visitor browsing yet still allow for the webpage to be more than just a brochure. With the Contact page, visitors can still interact with your company, while providing an additional channel for lead generation. Additionally, the solution includes a newsletter sign-up form for greater lead generation potential.

Content Production


  • We take on effort of researching industry related content
  • Infographic driven, branded with your company logo
  • Links back to you website or social media

Content is key in today’s online universe, and social media has changed the way it needs to be presented and delivered. A huge benefit of this Echo Essential package (and our ongoing monthly service), is that we’ve created turnkey content sets based on our production team’s research of popular websites, blogs, and resources in your industry. This has allowed us to keep content for posting readily available for use. You can already imagine how many hours this will have saved you that you can put back towards the matters of your business!

Posts to you social media accounts will be a combination of engaging infographics (branded with your company logo), text updates with engaging copy that links back to your website, and links to interesting articles. If you have any specific content, we can work you in supplementing that with our content to create an even fuller content set. When used with our strategic social media upkeep services, your company will effectively be able to stay in front of the market audience and foster familiarity and strength in your brand.

Facebook/Twitter Social Media Account Setup & Upkeep


  • Account setup w/Content Population (e.g. Profile/cover photo, company description, etc)
  • Strategic, multiple posts during business days for 1 month
  • Turnkey, branded content

Another key component of the Echo Essential package is creating profiles for your business on the most prevalent of social networks — Facebook and Twitter. For the first month, we will strategically posts to both accounts during business days/hours, according to industry best practices, using the engaging content set we offer above. We effectively act in your place, taking the time exhaustive responsibility of daily maintenance of your social media presence.

After the initial one month, you can decide to keep up our service at an affordable monthly cost, or take on the tasks yourself — you own these accounts!

Email Newsletter Production & Distribution


  • Integrated with website
  • User friendly system
  • Turnkey, branded content

Email marketing via newsletters has always been an old stalwart of a digital marketing strategy, and it still has relevance today. However, it shouldn’t be the ONLY engagement tool in that strategy. The “Jump-start” web solution comes built with an integrated, user friendly email newsletter subscription and distribution system. For the first month, we will maintain the system, and send out email newsletters bi-weekly with news and updates regarding your company, accompanied with pieces of our turnkey content above.



*NOTE: This cost does not include the cost of domain name registration, or the monthly cost of hosting services. We can help you purchase those items, but those will be put in your name for your complete ownership.