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Echo Millennial was founded with one singular goal — to help as many small businesses as possible in getting their online and digital marketing strategy up to speed. There is no better place to start than with the Echo Essential Package, which conveniently sets the foundation for a successful strategy at a price you can afford.

The Echo Essential Package — Features
This packaged solution includes all the elements needed to establish a modern, optimized, mobile ready solution. The package includes:
– “Jump-start” basic website w/content
– Content for social media posts (article links/infographics)
– Facebook/Twitter account setup, plus 1 month strategic posting
– Email newsletter design & content population, plus bi-weekly
blasts for 1 month
– Plus more!
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For a more customized approach to your solutions, or if you only need one particular service or another, we offer the following. You can add these services to the Echo Essential Package, or use a combination to build a fully customized solution.


Note: Pricing for the following will be determined on a project-by-project basis. Contact us for details.

WordPress Website Design/Development

As part of our commitment to industry best practices, our preferred solution for building a website is to start with a solid, user friendly platform — WordPress. Should you require additional website customization beyond that of our “jump-start” website solution included in the Echo Essential package, or if you are just interested in having a website only built for you, the Echo Millennial web development team is at your service .

Content Production

Content is generally the most difficult element of an effective website, blog, or social media upkeep plan. Echo Millennial content producers can take on the difficult task of creating content for your blog or social media posts. We will work with you to put together a content strategy that can include research for and/or design of infographics, design of marketing material for your posts, research for links to articles related to your industry, video production for posting, etc.

Social Media Marketing

Updating social media accounts can seem like a relatively simple task, but to really be effective, you need to be updating multiple times throughout the day, strategically according to what social network it is. Add in the fact that you might not have content ready available, and the task becomes very time consuming. Echo Millennial’s dedicated production staff will take this tedious effort off your hands, so you can focus on your daily tasks. We offer this service using our default content sets, branded with your company logo, or we can combine this service with our content production service to offer a completely customized social marketing campaign for your company.

Email Marketing

Sending out weekly/monthly newsletters is an old stalwart of the online marketing strategy, and one that still has relevance today. However, it should not be the ONLY online marketing tool you use today. Echo Millennial’s production staff can take on the task of assembling a newsletter using either our default content set, content you provide, or a combination and send out those to your email list. (Note: this service is only available if you have a website built with Echo. See a representative for details.)

Graphic Design

Our talented creative team can help you with a number of traditional graphic design services, such as logo design or creating printed marketing materials such as fliers, brochures, business cards, etc. If would like to have those products printed through us, we can arrange for that as well.


Other Services

Video Production

Echo Millennial’s creative team also includes an accomplished video editing and motion graphic design team. If you are interested in creating a short commercial for your content purposes, or perhaps would like to start a webinar series and need to look great, do not hesitate to contact us.


Depending on your location, we may have a trusted photographer on hand to take location photos, product photos, or headshots. Contact us to find out if we can help.